Family history

Menü des Restaurant Turmwirt in Gufidaun bei Klausen im Eisacktal

The history of our house and our family

he crest of the wine specialist on the stove in the “Mundschenkstube” has the initials “JPS” (Johann Paul Schenk), court writer of the court Gudon (Gufidaun), who built our house in 1678.

Josef Fischnaller bought the “Writer’s House” with the herb garden, in addition to it the church chair number 4 and one place number 7 on the 6th February 1878 in front of the district court in Chiusa (Klausen). Since then, the house has been in the possession of his family and his heirs.

On March 18, 1878, the married couple received the concession to practice the catering trade. The “Turmwirt” in Gudon existed from that point on.

The son Ferdinand took over the guesthouse. He married the former nurse Valeria Girardi. She was a real blessing for the sick people in the village and also famous for her cuisine.

In 1946 the “Turmwirt” passed over to the only daughter Valeria. The young hostess was interested in culture, art and history. She married Karl Gasser and gave birth to five children. Once again it was a Ferdinnd who worked with his grandmother in the kitchen.

After years of apprenticeship in the valley Gardena and Marlengo, after training in Bressanone and Merano, Ferdinand Gasser took over the Turmwirt in 1980 and married his wife Margareth Nössing the same year.

While daughter Sofia works as a doctor in Ulm (Germany), daughter Maria runs the business with her father.

Family history